Venture capital is failing neurodiverse and disabled people

  • Note, I see myself as neurodiverse but according to the law, the “impairments” to my life from my dyslexia and ADHD meets the definition of disability covered by The Equality Act 2010. I don’t see myself as disabled in any way but I will use this language in this blog post for the sake of legality…
  1. Opacity in venture capital means there is no statistics on disabled founders who are backed
  2. Application processes for accelerators still focus on text-based Q&A type questions and are not flexible enough to allow neurodiverse thinkers to showcase their talent
  3. Accelerator programmes don’t acknowledge that founders may be neurodiverse….
  4. Neurodiverse founders and entrepreneurs need to be more visible



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Kim To

Kim To


An ADHD coach. Diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD late in life. I write about neurodiversity, mental health, and entrepreneurship.